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Преподаватели и учащиеся нашего колледжа побывали на выставке «МЕБЕЛЬ-2018»-это крупнейшая специализированная выставка-ярмарка Республики Беларусь. В ней принимают участие предприятия-изготовители мебельной продукции и комплектующих, предприятия оптовой и розничной торговли Беларуси, стран СНГ, иностранные фирмы, предприниматели...





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Для многих из нас мир – это сама собой разумеющаяся обыденность. Молодое поколение нашей страны не ведает что такое война, голод, разруха...





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Осень вновь вступила в свои права. Днем знаний и Днем белорусской письменности начался новый учебный год во всех учебных заведениях. 15 сентября в Беларуси отмечали еще один праздник – День библиотек. Не секрет, что дорога к знаниям, к достижениям культуры, искусства и  вообще к развитию всегда шла через библиотеку. К празднику библиотекой колледжа подготовлен фотопроект “Советую прочитать мою любимую книгу”. Пожалуйста, прислушайтесь  к совету своих коллег и преподавателей.   Д.Дидро говорил:”Люди перестают мыслить, когда перестают читать”. Помните об этом...




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12 сентября в спортивном зале колледжа прошли соревнования по волейболу среди учащихся, проживающих в общежитии. Соревнования прошли под девизом – «Мы выбираем спорт!»...





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Как теперь не веселиться – заселился к нам народ...





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Golden bee


May 30 and 31 in the city held Klimovichi 15 International Children's Art Festival "Golden Bee". Our college took an active part in the exhibition-fair within the framework of the event...

Meeting with tears in his eyes


On May 18, the college held a meeting with the writer and poet Leonid Doronovichem Rubinstein. Leonid Doronovich presented a new book entitled "Children of War." Children of War - a collection of essays and memoirs of Bobruisk who in childhood survived the Great Patriotic War.

My world, my dream


In the exhibition hall of the Museum of the History of Minsk hosted a personal exhibition "My world, my dream" group of 92 students Vitkovskaya Catherine. It is symbolic that the opening took place on June 1 Children's Day, as Catherine brought up in a large family ...

Spring without smoke


The campaign in the health care, education, culture and institutions of the city are measures of a preventive nature. May 21 for students in our college has organized the work of youth online anti-smoking area.

living memory


Each year the celebration of Victory Day unites generations, counting the postwar happy spring, it teaches us to empathize with the pain of others, to come to the aid of others and appreciate the world. Overgrown trenches and dugouts, and fewer veterans coming May 9 at the eternal flame. 

Four generations have met over a cup of tea


It has been 70 years since The Great Patriotic War. He rose to his feet and stood generation, whose fathers and grandfathers did not even know the war years. But those who went through the hell of the war won and retained the world less and less ...

May Blossom


April 29 started a youth patriotic marathon "May Blossom", dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, organized in Bobruisk Pervomaisky district administration and Kazakhstan NGO "Belarusian Republican Youth Union." The opening of the festival took place on the basis of the Bobruisk Mechanics and Technology College.

The picturesque landscape of the gift


Painting - a type of fine art. She was born at the dawn of humanity, in the caves of our prehistoric ancestors. For centuries, changed ideas guided the artists changed their aspirations, one style is replacing another, but still painting and get it developed.

Miss Smile


April 30 in Bobruisk at the Medical College held a competition of beauty and creativity "Miss Youth Union 2015", which was attended by 13 young representatives of the Youth League, organized the event, and among these girls was a student of our college Alina Alexeeva.

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