• Профподготовка школьников
  • Socio-pedagogical and psychological service

    The social teacher, psychologist - Lukyanova Svetlana Vladimirovna
    Contact phone: 45-84-40

    You can see this when you do not know:

    What to do, or when you have exhausted all possibilities to cope with the problem. If you need to understand legal issues and issues of interpersonal relationships.

    When unable to cope with intense feelings or experiences, if you feel tension, emptiness, if You think that your relationship with Your family or friends have deteriorated and You are especially vulnerable.

    You can always count on emotional support and attention to Your problems, to respect Your interests and complete privacy!

    The main objectives of SEPS:

    to support students during their adaptation to new conditions of life;
    to assist in conducting a self-test and diagnostics of personal qualities, abilities;
    to facilitate the resolution of conflicts and problems of psychological character;
    to promote the formation of moral and ethical values among young people;
    to promote among the students attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle and to promote the formation of an active life position;

    Main directions of activity:

    psychological education and prevention - introduction to psychological knowledge and prevention
    possible trouble in mental and personal development of students;
    the implementation of the protection of the rights of students who are in a difficult life situation;
    the socio-psychological conditions for successful learning and personal development, social and professional development;
    psychodiagnostics - depth study of the inner world of the individual;
    psychological counseling - assistance in solving problems;
    correctional work - eliminating deviations in mental and personal development.

    Come and tell about your problems:

    if you do not accept peers, make fun of, mock;
    if you don't understand parents;
    if you don't know what you want to do;
    if you have any learning difficulties;
    if you have difficulties in relationships with teachers;
    if you have done wrong and are afraid to admit it;
    if yourself do not like;
    if you do not know how to please peers;
    if you can't resolve the protracted conflict;
    if you can not refuse requests, and all agree;
    if you want to know more about himself - about his character, temperament, intelligence, memory, attention, emotional States.

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    Lukyanova Svetlana Vladimirovna

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