• Профподготовка школьников
    • In Bobruisk open school-joiners krasnoderevtsev - 1958
    • School-based carpenters - krasnoderevtsev created urban vocational school №15 - 1960
    • School took part in the Belarusian Republican Exhibition - 1962
    • First creative work of students demonstrated in the USSR National Economy. The first public recognition of the school and the first awards: Diploma of 2 degrees, gold, silver, and 10 bronze medals - 1963
    • School Debut at the international exhibition. A series of creative works of students and masters successfully demonstrated in g.Monreale (Canada) - 1967
    • School began training with secondary education - 1968 - 1971
    • Opened an exhibition hall of creative works of students - 1976
    • A museum of the Belarusian folklore. Student exhibited at international exhibitions in Bulgaria, Germany, Cuba. - 1978
    • Order of the USSR State Committee for VET, Ministry of Forestry and woodworking manufacturing industry college awarded the title of "The Best School of the country," the timber industry in 1977/78 academic year.
    • In the Hungarian capital, Budapest opened the first solo exhibition of foreign schools - 1979
    • Exhibition of creative works in Cuba - 1980
    • Student exhibited in Finland, Morocco - 1981
    • School was transformed into "Higher vocational school of arts and crafts №15». Students have gained the opportunity to receive special secondary education in professions pedagogical cycle - 1992
    • VPUDPI №15 transformed into "Bobruisk Vocational and Technical College of arts and crafts" - 2000
    • "Bobruisk Vocational and Technical College of arts and crafts" was renamed in educational establishment "Bobruisk State Vocational-Technical College of Art" - 2001
    • In the Republican review of technical and decorative art college was awarded a diploma of 1 degree, 18 college students were awarded diplomas - 2006
    • By the V Republican festival of arts and crafts students and workers institutions providing vocational and secondary special education, "Belaruski Wreath" College was awarded diplomas of I degree in three competitions. In the individual championship college students in the categories "Beading", "Painting on wood", "Painting on fabric", "carving" were awarded diplomas - 2008
    • Prize "Special Fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus for social support of gifted students" and diplomas of 1 degree the Ministry of Education for professional excellence were awarded college students: Sergeichik VA, Sukhinin IM, VA Dmitriev Kurmashova GA, Mendeleva AA, Ivanov GG, MA Kazakov - 2006 - 2008 yy
    • In vivo "Bobruisk State Vocational-Technical College of Art" was renamed in educational establishment "Bobruisk State Vocational and Technical College of Art named AE Larin "- 2010
    • In vivo "Bobruisk State Vocational and Technical College of Art. AE Larina "renamed in vivo" Bobruisk State College. AE Larin "- 2014.





    Larin Alexander Ye was born November 15, 1923 in Siberia. In the era of Valery Chkalov, he dreamed of becoming a pilot, and the teenager ran away from home to study "on the pilot." Fought, came from the war, Major Air Force. He graduated from the journalism faculty of the Belarusian State University.

    From 1960 to 1999, was director of artistic vocational school №15, who later became higher vocational school of arts and crafts, and now - the educational establishment "Bobruisk State College of A.E.Larina."

    Larin AE - Doctor of Education, People's Teacher of the USSR, the country's only professor and instructor at the vocational training system. For success in work and greater social activities was awarded the Order of Lenin, the Red Banner of Labor, World War II, two diploma of the Supreme Soviet of the BSSR, medals "For Military Merit" and "For Victory over Germany", "For Labor Valor" and others, as well as honorary signs "For merits in the development of vocational education" and "Excellence in Vocational Education of the USSR." He died in 2010.

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