• Профподготовка школьников
  • Goals and objectives of the College


    The objectives of the College are:

    to offer students the necessary knowledge and skills;
    intellectual, moral, creative and physical development of the student;
    implementation of education, including the formation of versatile developed, morally mature, creative personality of the students; research in the fields of education, methods of teaching.

    (Article 11, paragraph 2, 18 to claim 1 - Education Code of the Republic of Belarus)


    For the purposes of the activities of the College implements the following tasks:

    personality development of students, their abilities and inclinations;
    creating the conditions necessary for the realization of creative potential of students;
    conducting scientific and methodological work aimed at improving the educational and training processes using scientific and technical means;
    formation of students of high moral values, citizenship, patriotism and national identity on the basis of state ideology, culture, family relationships;
    preparation for independent life and work; the formation of the aesthetic and ecological culture;
    publication of educational and teaching aids;
    conduct work on interaction with other educational institutions, including foreign ones, with the aim of using the accumulated experience of the progressive organization of learning and education;
    assisting students in mastering the skills and values of a healthy lifestyle;
    creating conditions for socialization and self-development of the student;
    moral education aimed at familiarizing students with universal and national values.

    (Article 18 paragraph 2.1 of the Education Code of the Republic of Belarus)


    Normative legal acts regulating the activities of the college

     - Code of the Republic of Belarus on Education

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