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     Painting - a type of fine art. She was born at the dawn of humanity, in the caves of our prehistoric ancestors. For centuries, changed ideas guided the artists changed their aspirations, one style is replacing another, but still painting and get it developed.

        On the basis of the Slutsk State College to 04.06.2015 on 17.04.2015 in the laboratory "Skarbnіtsa" under the direction of trainers Lagoon LG, Nesterovich OS, Shnitkovoy NN and the group of students №94 N. Komar, Skarubo D., V. Gupalo was performed artistic painting the walls (70m 2 ) as a picturesque landscape.

       For the excellent work of artists of our college awarded a letter of gratitude. 


    Master of industrial training Lagoon L.G.

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