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       April 30 in Bobruisk at the Medical College held a competition of beauty and creativity "Miss Youth Union 2015", which was attended by 13 young representatives of the Youth League, organized the event, and among these girls was a student of our college Alina Alexeeva.

         All thirteen women were worthy representative of their educational institutions, different sparkling wit and acumen, amazing and pure Slavic beauty, the creative component, plastic movements, intellectual knowledge.

       Evaluated a beauty contest and creativity: first secretaries of district committees Bobruisk NGO "Belarusian Republican Youth Union" - Barbara Galeeva (Pervomaysk) and Vyacheslav Rudenok (Lenin), the chief specialist of the ideological work, culture and youth affairs of the Bobruisk City Executive Committee Elena Belousova, representative of the company "Faberlic" Natalia Larchenok . He headed the jury of the First Secretary of Belarusian Republican Youth Union Committee, Bobruisk Vera wide. 

         Total competitive tasks was five - a creative competition, intellectual, parade in wedding dresses and national costumes, presentation of each participant. Students of our college actively supported the contestant. As a result of the beauty contest Alina Alexeeva won the title of "Miss Smile".

            We congratulate her and wish you continued success!


    Secretary for the NGO "Belarusian Republican Youth Union" Gordeychik M.N. 

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