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        The campaign in the health care, education, culture and institutions of the city are measures of a preventive nature. May 21 for students in our college has organized the work of youth online anti-smoking area.

        Participants were asked to identify the vital capacity of the lungs by means of spirometry, and available on the Library with the exhibition of scientific and popular publications about health. Upon request, students can receive psycho-valeologicheskogo advice on overcoming addictions and write "Tale of their lives." As an alternative to smoking two teams, "Junior" and "sweet" took an active part in the sports program "Sport record against cigarettes": relay race, tug of war. A great pleasure to deliver "jumping in sacks," exercises with swords and as a result, a general sports victory over the smoking! And joy and gladness added all the symbol of our city - Beaver which could make selfi and make a wish!

      All those wishing to leave the protesters offered their promise to quit smoking on board "Art-person promises!" The most striking steel promises: "No smoking from today to attend all electives" and "Quitting smoking after a weekend if you do not give up, call me" the killer your health! "The most active were the students group number 51, wished everyone" good luck! ". Also students were active in the contest for the best slogan against smoking "Who smokes tobacco, the enemy himself," the most striking slogans calling became a student of Chapter 71: "We do not smoke and do not drink! We're fighting for a healthy lifestyle "and a group of students 52:" Smoking is no longer a fashionable quit smoking - live free! "

        In intellectual contests "solve a crossword puzzle - get a prize!" The guys have shown a high level of ingenuity and erudition. Contagious for all became a flash mob "Spring without cigarettes," and the event was the culmination of all the action with balloons "Give yourself clean air!".


    Teacher Tolstikhin V.G.

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